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Bahr Alfred
The Problem of the real Existence of God seen with the Eyes of a Physicist.

In all large religions God is thought of as being the creator of men and the world, that is, the creator of the universe. And God existed already before space, time and matter was created. God was therefore capable to reside and govern in an absolute nothingness according to the theologians. Great thinkers of all times have attacked and criticized this God - idea with philosophical arguments. Despite of that the God - idea is still alive, respectively is being kept alive with questionable arguments and means. In what follows this idea of a Creator - God is analyzed and scrutinized with the logic of a physicist.

The belief in a Creator - God stands and falls with the nothingness. If it can be proved that in nothingness nothing, absolutely nothing can exist, then the God - idea is finished. And when, in addition, it can be shown, that this nothingness of the theologians does not exist in reality, but can exist only as a thought, as a speculative idea in our brains, then the fundament for the existence of a Creator - God has vanished and this God is revealed to be only a thought of the brain, a fantasy - creature of the brain, which does not exist in reality outside of the brain. In what follows these proofs will be presented here.

It is maintained that God already existed, before he created the Universe. This implies, that he was capable to reside in an absolute nothingness. This nothingness is conceived as being some kind of super - emptiness, or super - vacuum, in which God resides and in which space, time and matter is located after it was created by God. However, nothingness is only a synonym for nonexistence. If it is maintained, that God resided in nothingness, this only means: God resided in nonexistence. In other words, as nothing yet existed, as there existed neither space, time nor matter, we had the nonexistence of the universe. And this nonexistence expresses only a condition, namely the nonexistence of something, and this does not mean, that this nonexistence is a kind of a vacuum, where at the time X something can be created and can exist. A vacuum is space - like, is empty space; a vacuum, which is not space - like, that is, a vacuum which does not even contain space, does not exist, and never existed! No one can remove the space from the inside of an evacuated container. Therefore, where nothing exists, that is, where we have a nothingness or nonexistence respectively, we can not suddenly have space, time and matter.

From this follows, that the universe can not have emerged out of nothingness. Indeed, modern cosmology teaches today, that the universe emerged out of a quantum - mechanical state. In other words, before our universe emerged, there was already something existing. The universe existed, so to speak, at that time, in an embryo - state, which separated in space, time and matter with a bang, the Big Bang! In addition, according to the newest theories of the cosmologist (Physicists) there exist not only one universe, but infinitely many, all of which exist separately and causally independent of each other. This conclusion of those cosmologists appears also plausible; if there exists one universe, why should there not be very many somehow. In this world - of - many - worlds there is, of course, no more any room left for the nothingness of the theologians and that God, who resides in this nothingness.

But let us assume for a moment, that there is such a nothingness and God resides in this nothingness, and let us look at the consequences of this arrangement. God must have at least a form and a size. In addition he must be of some kind of substance in order to distinguish himself from nothingness. God can not be just a plane nothingness. But the notion of form and size are depending already on space. But where there is no space, that is, in nonexistence, nothing can have a form and a size and a substance. In nonexistence there are no means to differentiate and to distinguish. In nothingness there is also no time- flow possible. Time - flow is possible only in space in the presence of matter, which moves and undergoes changes. In nothingness there is nothing, that can move and undergo changes. There are therefore no clocks possible in nothingness. Only in space we can have time and only in space something can have a form, a size and also a substance. In nothingness everything looses therefore its distinguishing marks, and also a God would not be able to distinguish himself from nothingness, would not be able to choose the time X for the creation of space, time and matter, would melt together with nothingness, would become identical with nothingness and loose its existence, because the nothingness is nonexistence. That applies also if we imagine God to be of a spiritual nature, whatever the meaning of that notion may be. In order God to exist, the nothingness would have to be space and time. Only in space - time is existence possible. But space - time always appears together with matter. That means, God could exist only inside the universe, provided he existed. But then this God could not be a Creator - God, but has been created at the Big Bang together with the universe - as a perishable creature!

But let us assume again for a moment, that the universe has been created by God out of nothingness. Logically, this universe must then be surrounded by nothingness, in order for God to continue to reside and govern in nothingness. However, as we have seen already, in nothingness there are no distinguishing marks possible. In nothingness therefore nothing can distinguish itself from nothingness. In particular in nothingness nothing can have a structure, a form and a size, and the universe, seen as a whole, seen as an object would loose its characteristic feature of being an object, would not be able to distinguish itself from nothingness, would melt together with this nothingness, would loose its existence, respectively would not be able to exist in nothingness. However we know, that the universe is existent. Therefore there can not be such a nothingness outside of the universe, and we must have space - time outside of the universe instead, so that the universe can exist. But in that case, there can not have been such a nothingness before the universe came into being. This in turn means, that there can not be such a Creator - God, since there is no nothingness as a domicile for this God. It is therefore wrong to believe, that there is a Super - Emptiness outside the universe, or a Nothingness outside the universe, or a region of Nonexistence outside the universe, or a beyond of space and time. The nothingness of the theologians with a God residing in this nothingness, who possessed a clock and decided to create the universe at the time X together with heaven and hell, is an impossibility and an unsurpassed absurdity! There is no nothingness and there is no God residing in a nothingness. These Ideas can exist in our brains only as a thought of fantasy, but not in reality outside of our brains.

Besides, the notion of a nothingness outside of the universe would introduce an invisible border at the place, where space ends and the nothingness begins. One imagine a cosmic traveler, who suddenly reaches this border. One more step and he has vanished in nothingness. But not only our cosmic traveler would have vanished in nothingness, if he wanted to leave the universe, the universe itself, would have vanished in nothingness long ago, namely at that moment of its supposed creation by God. It would not have been able to exist in nothingness and would have vanished immediately after its creation, like this cosmic traveler. We recognize how absurd this notion of a nothingness outside of the universe is.

Since there is no nothingness as a domicile for God, there can not be regions like a Beyond, or a Paradise and a Hell as a domicile for the souls of the believers in God, and for the souls of the unbelievers, or for the souls of the islamic martyrs and for the souls of the soldiers of Allahs, etc. .etc. But when there does not exist a region outside of the Universe or beyond space and time, as a domicile for the souls, then the souls themselves can not exist and are thereby revealed as being notions of plain fantasy only. With God also the souls are gone, and we all will have to live in future without a soul! And since there is no God, there can not have been a Son of God named Jesus Christ and no holy, miracles making mother of the God - Son, the holy virgin Maria. For the Christian this means, that he will have to live from now on without doing sins, since there is no Godson, who can forgive him and give him absolution of his sins.

If there is no nothingness outside of the universe, then this has serious consequences for our worldview. Since we know, that only in space - time something can exist, we must have space and time outside of the universe. And at any border of that space - time, that we may imagine, we find again space - time beyond this imagined border as a necessary condition for existence of the whole inside the border. This goes on and on and on and we have an infinitely large space - time - world before us. However, this space - time - world can not be an empty world, or hosting somewhere just a single universe, namely ours. We know, that a single universe is enormously large, but always finite in size due to its big - bang origin. We also know, that the duality space - time is possible only in the presence of matter. Without matter, there are no space - intervals possible, and without matter, which moves and changes, there are no time - intervals possible, that is, without matter, there can be no space - time, and wherever we have space - time, we must also have matter. From this follows, that there must be an infinite number of universes in this infinitely large space - time - world, since a single universe is always finite in size. And this World of many Worlds exists for ever, but there is a persistent change: continuously new universes are born and others die and vanish. The universes are not only finite in size, but have also only a finite lifetime. By arguing about the nothingness we have arrived at an infinite space - time - world, which is also postulated by modern cosmology, but which is based there on different arguments.

The recognition, that there can be no God and no souls, has, of course, other consequences. For instance, there is no justification anymore for the so - called religious education of our children. And, of course, the priest - seminars have to be closed. However, the non - existence of God has other consequences, which concerns the church itself. After the church had established itself, their bishops found it necessary to do something in order to reach also the educated class and the rulers. This was considered a prerequisite for spreading Christianity to other countries - for expanding the power of the church. It was recognized, that it was necessary to give Christianity a philosophical basis in order to achieve this goal. Platon and later Aristoteles were subsequently discovered to be very much Christian in their ideas. However, a few hundreds years later this was suddenly not true anymore. (The birth and death of the Scholastic in Christianity). In those years proofs for the real existence of God were constructed, because the educated people and the rulers would ask questions and would want to see proofs. The most important of those proofs were the ontological argument, the cosmological argument and the teleological argument. However, we can not go into details about these proofs here, since this is not a place to take up philosophy. All that can be said here is, that until the time of Immanuel Kant (1726 - 1806) practically everybody believed in the existence of God and the Devil (and of the Witches, the brides of the Devil). Immanuel Kant proved, that those proofs for the real existence of God were all wrong. However, Kant was not the first to criticize the teachings of the church. The first one was actually the Englishman David Hume (1711 -1776). He was the one who initiated this grand process with his criticism. After Kant many other great thinkers entered in this hard argumentation with the church, which lasted to the present time. Today the position of the church is: The real existence of God can indeed not be proved with certainty, but the nonexistence of God can also not be proved. Since the year 2003 the church is here wrong; The nonexistence of God has here and today been proved with certainty. What are the consequences the church is going to draw now from this new situation? When is the church going to close its doors?

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