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The Problem of the real Existence of God seen with the Eyes of a Physicist.  (Bahr Alfred)
In all large religions God is thought of as being the creator of men and the world, that is, the creator of the universe. And God existed already before space, time and matter was created. God was therefore capable to reside and govern in an absolute “nothingness” according to the theologians. Great thinkers of all times have attacked and criticized this God - idea with philosophical arguments. Despite of that the God - idea is still alive, respectively is being kept alive with questionable arguments and means. In what follows this idea of a Creator - God is analyzed and scrutinized with the logic of a physicist.

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Псевдоним: Stefan1:56 08/12/2008
There is no official god, but there is one soul which possesses all beings including humans,aliens,elephants,ants,bacteria,viruses and everything alive as in one, practically body, when there is no time, so it means that in this moment you\'re living your unborn children and your ancestors\' lives.You\'re also living the life of every creature that ever lived or will live.
For me, as physicist, there has to be always an indicator whether I\'m counting fact or undefined nebuloses.
So have introduced mathematical proof of this.
Псевдоним: pranab roy20:19 05/06/2008
just stop to understand about GOD. it is beyound our reach and imagination. whether we believe or not..it means nothing. we can never get HIM.period full stop. better we believe in HIM. we will be on the better side of the fence. you stupids..did you understand or not?
Псевдоним: Philos3:29 15/08/2005
Псевдоним: Seaman3:45 05/02/2004
Well, as an unbeliever, I must say that everything I heard about God based at foundation of ignorance, unsolved (yet!) mysteries and fear. I think majority of people in the future will think about God every time when they'll begin to wonder. It's simple! You don't need to think, to discover, to make effort to understand. Just belive in God, and all become simple! A convenient way, BUT NOT FOR ME!
Logical chains in the article I consider as very convincing, although, it seems, for believers logic doesn't exist....
Псевдоним: Igorek10:15 27/01/2004
Sorry, I have to write in English. As a beliver, I would like to share my knowledge of creation with u. Anyway there is - something to wander about.
The pre-embryo resembles a transparent bubble floating in space. Although I feel like a voyeur, I cannot stop looking through the microscope. Each cell is rounded, the cell walls are thick lines, and dark smudges are cell nucleus - exactly what I expect. But why does each of the eight cells look exactly the same? Some will grow into a brain, others into the heart and skin. Maybe the microscope is not strong enough to reveal differences.
"They are the same," geneticist Yury Verlinsky explains. "From each of these cells, every cell in the body will grow. The differentiation begins once the cells are divided into about a hudred, about three days after the egg is fertilized. No one knows how it happens. THERE IS NO MASTER - BUILDER CELL." Brought from a National Geographic,June 1995 "Small miracles of the brain."
Very interesting Indeed.
Socrates said, "Wisdom comes when the mind starts to wander."
I just hope I made yours.
I'm russian 20 yrs. old and I seek the truth. Good luck with your little theories.
My girl said, "Hell is when you're all alone."
She's 16 but very talanted.
Truly yours.

Псевдоним: Lena7:34 07/12/2003
I liked the article very much, it made me feel happy, I always thought that this world could not have been created by a Perfect Being, but on the other hand the biblical God is so cruel and this world is cruel, may be it was created by this evil creature. My question is, even if everything came from the Big Bang, why is so much misery, after all it could have been a happy place.
Псевдоним: Shark10:49 30/11/2003
Женя, зачем так много слов?
Будьте проще, скажите честно: "Всё, что мы не знаем, мы называем словом БОГ. И от этого у нас появляется чувство глубокого удовлетворения".
Псевдоним: Zhenya22:02 29/11/2003
Dear author of the article,

I indeed read it with a great interest. There are a couple of things I have to point out here though.

First of all, the church will never close her doors because there's no hope that this "evolution-made" world can offer to people.
The church was put on this earth in order to offer people the Good News. Obviously, there were many dark times in church history.
However it still stands!

I recently heard a very respected Russian scientist say that the science is still not able to fully figure out the functioning of the human brain.
Not even a human one, he said, but that of a rat as well.
With all our modern technology we still can't understand some things that God'd created.

I fully agree that it takes faith to believe that everything around us was made out of "nothing" by Someone Who'd existed in "nothingness".
However, to believe the Big Bang Theory you've got to have even more faith b/c all the real proof that the atheistic science gives us is based on this "billions of years ago" stuff.
Nobody was there at the time to see it or to record it but it sure is convenient b/c you can put anything in that time frame.

I am afraid that atheism is just another religion whose God is called "Nothing" and the hope it brings to the world is called "nothingness".
Atheism is a religion that does create anything good while at the same time attempting to destroy faith in God within people's hearts.

If you begin to believe in the real God, the Creator of the Universe, you will see His miracles in your life and one day you won't help but write an article called "The Problem of the real Non-Existence of God seen with the eyes of a Physicist".

I will be praying for God to open your eyes.

Believing in Christ,


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