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Freedom of conscience – the medicine from terrorism and collision of civilizations

Buryanov Sergey, Lawyer, Co-Speaker of the Institute of the Freedom of conscience

Owing to backwardness of normal-legal basis of law for realization of human rights in the sphere freedom of conscience, proclaimed by the Constitution for everybody (the juridical measuring of world outlook choice), it practically adds up to the “special” regulation of the activity of the religious confessions.

The religious confessions are the object of political interests of the power as in Russia, as in many states of the world. It results not only infringement of rights of the religious minorities, erosion of a number of democratic principles, suppression of freedom of the world outlook choice, but, perhaps, to missing a chance to use the opportunities of globalization and to find a Roland to its challenges by separate states and the whole world community as well.

The problem of terrorism is worth to pay special attention at. The international terrorism is the phenomenon, born mainly by monopolization of power as in global as in national levels. Using religion in political purposes, sacralization of power and klericalization of state form a field of agreement that is the basis for the unlimited power, provoking reaction against itself and in such an extreme form as terrorism as well. The unlimited power itself is akin to terrorism, it is its accelerator. It is as immoral and criminal as terrorism, as the monopoly to power provided it the motive, based on hopelessness and despair. In reality of the XXI century use of religion in political purposes is also immoral and criminal, because it serves to conversion of democratic choices into farce and reproduction of authoritarism. In the pointed context, the freedom of world outlook choice is the antidote against monopolization of power and terrorism as well.

The interrelated and interdependent character of the modern world appears as a contradiction between objective necessity and subjective being unready of various states, nations and regions to cooperate because of civilization, ethno-confessional and ideological obstacles.

In spite of the modern political system’s, based on national states, mainly becoming an anachronism, not advanced to response to the challenges of time, precisely the national states are objectively the starting point to form the united world system, called to solve global problems of the humankind on the new level.

In the present context the question of forming legal mechanisms of overcoming the ethno-confessional factors, contradicting the global tendencies, arises as one of the keenest ones. The necessity of forming an effective legal mechanism for realization of the right of each individual to freedom of conscience as the means of defense of a person and the society from ideological domination of any doctrines and structures, the most important factor of overcoming ethno-confessional dividing principles, being the basis of existing of various political structures, plays a special role in solution of this problem.

Today, the realization of the right to freedom of conscience is one of the most important conditions of forming the political leadership of the national states, able to fulfill the integration of the world society effectively. The real providing of freedom of conscience will determine as the opportunity of the integration itself, as the principles, it will be based on: equality and partnership or dominating of “Great Powers” based on force and hegemony; deserving life for everyone on Earth or – only for a “golden billion”.

The necessity of improving the legal mechanism of realization of freedom of conscience in the modern democratic legal state, determined the construction of the open civil society as its purpose, all the more so requires the fundamental revision and reform of the basic principles and conceptual apparatus, taking into account the global processes – has the global all-humankind character.

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